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VERA Files Fact Check tracks the false claims, flip-flops, misleading statements of public officials and figures, and debunks them with factual evidence. It also fights misinformation and disinformation spread on the internet. This project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). VERA Files is also part of Facebook’s third-party fact-checking program.

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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Duterte errs on COVID-19 response timeline, pandemic history

President Rodrigo Duterte made two inaccurate…

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Google and Apple’s COVID-19 notifications system is OPTIONAL

It does not track or “sense” potential COVID-19…

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: This ‘beauty queen’ was NOT burned alive for theft in Nigeria

This post is fake. Don't believe it.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Roque errs in COVID-19 data, wrongly classifies countries in WHO regional grouping

When asked to clarify some discrepancies in the…

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Posts revive FALSE claim that Duterte cited by TIME magazine as strongman

It recycled a two-year old TIME magazine article.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: FB post red-tags Angel Locsin with UNSUPPORTED claims

No news reports support either of its claims.