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Proposed parking structure in Bayan Park studied

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan ordered the technical personnel of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) and concerned barangay officials in Aurora Hill to inspect and ascertain what portions of Bayan Park could be designated for limited parking without sacrificing the identified breathing space in the area.

The local chief executive gave this verbal directive to the CEPMO and barangay officials during the regular meeting of the City Development Council (CDC) Thursday afternoon after concerned barangay officials in the Aurora Hill area requested the possibility of using a portion of the park for the put up of a pay parking structure to help decongest the narrow streets of the barangays from illegally-parked motor vehicles.

“We agree to the contention of City Environment and Parks Management officer Cordelia Lacsamana that a huge portion of Bayan Park is the only available open space and breathing space in the area that is why there is a need to maintain the park but there seems to be an available space in the area, particularly the eroded space between the gymnasium and the senior citizens center which deserves a second look by our technical personnel,” Domogan stressed.

He explained that the said area could serve for the put up of a parking structure but on a limited basis so that it will also serve as a slope protection for the eroded portion of the area to prevent further erosion in the place.

Earlier, Lacsamana expressed objection to the proposal of some punong barangays in the Aurora Hill area for the utilization of a portion of Bayan Park for the put up of a parking structure to serve as a centralized parking area for motor vehicles in the area because it will affect the status of the park being the only available breathing space in the place.

Domogan recognized the significance of the recommendation of some barangay officials in Aurora Hill to use a portion of Bayan Park for the put up of a pay parking structure but emphasized the need to strike a balance between maintaining and improving the park to serve the greater interest of the public and providing residents with available parking spaces for them not to contribute in the congestions of roads in the area.

According to him, the best people that could provide the best solution to the impasse will be the technical personnel of the local government who will be in direct contact with the concerned barangay officials to ascertain the suitable and doable solution that will address the concerns raised by concerned stakeholders.

The local government intends to infuse funds for the sustained development of Bayan Park that will serve as an added attraction not only for residents but also for visitors wanting to see new attractions in the different parts of the city.

Domogan ordered the CEPMO technical personnel and the barangay officials to make a comprehensive report relative to their findings and recommendations on the important projects that could be undertaken in the area to address the concerns of lack of parking areas for motor vehicles.

This story, first published at Baguio Herald Express, is produced under the Bloomberg Initiative Global Road Safety Media Fellowship implemented by the World Health Organization, Department of Transportation and VERA Files.


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